Birmingham Afghan Hound Club

A Member of the Afghan Hound Breed Council

Class Results   (Total Dogs 83 giving 92 entries.)

Minor Puppy Dog

1 Mhasud Unforgetable

2 Metewand Macrami At Cloudside

3 Gezancol Enrique

Res. Metewand Matarambi

VHC Afterglow Jefferson (TAF)


Puppy Dog  

1 Palamedees Shukrah

2 Metewand Matarambi

3 Mardonna Like A Bat Outa Hell

Res. Krishan Jet Set

VHC Gezancol Pierre At Julan

Veteran Dog

1 Altside Tiger Potion At Turabaz

2 Aramaic Errol Flynn

3 Aberkal Love Conquers All At Sarakavahn  

Junior Dog  

1 Sarakhan Sirocco JW

2 Sarakhan Sherdan


Yearling Dog

1 Agha Djari's U Got The Look (IMP)

2 Sarakhan Sirocco JW

3 Cloudside Match Master Of Amanrha

Novice Dog

1 Sarakhan Sherdan

Graduate Dog

1 Sarakhan Senator

Postgraduate Dog

1 Cloudside Warlord At Karandikar JW

2 Tolah In Demons Image

3 Shadowfax Ciao Fabiano To Freecloud

Limit Dog  

1 Metewand Cabango ShCM

2 What's It All About Alfie At Lingarzi

3 Freecloud Bellagio

Open Dog

 1 CH.Thuja All In The Game (IMP)

2 Lissue Carreras   JW

Minor Puppy Bitch

1 Metewand Archana At Cloudside

2 Gezancol Simone

3 Metewand Marradadi

Res. Gezancol Claudine At Lingarzi  

VHC Jenwood Flames Of Gold

Puppy Bitch

1 Zandahar Treacle Tart

2 Metewand Marradadi

3 Palamedees Shahkari

Res. Mardonna On The Wings Of Love

VHC Krishan Forget Me Not


1 CH.Nanak Freecloud Firenze

2 Sashkan Elorac Girl

3 Cloudside Firecracker With Saksfifth

Res. Valkor A Kinda Majic At Ritzina

Junior Bitch

1 Jimellree Molly Maguire At Pahlevi

2 Sarakhan She-Khara

3 Sarakhan Swansong JW

Res. Lilli Pilli

VHC Kazzlyn She's The One At Mahasud

Yearling Bitch


 1 Jimellree Molly Maguire At Pahlevi

2 Gezancol Dolly Day Dream  JW

3 Aramaic Take On Me At Jazzmeenah

Novice Bitch

1 Lilli Pilli

2 Palamedees Shahdinah

Graduate Bitch

(No Entries)

Post Graduate Bitch

1 Sashkan Carole's Destiny

2 Altside Kiss Me Kate At Turabaz

Limit Bitch  

1 Birkhall Sophia

2 Qamaris Dragonfly At Herat (IMP )

Open Bitch  

1 Thuja Annies Song (IMP)

2 Alouann Hot N Spicy At Orashan JW

3 Mashaalah Anoosheh At Numa

Res. Metewand Wiscasset JW  ShCM

VHC Gold'n Copper Show Your Colours At Herat (IMP)

Reserve Best in Show:Thuja Annies Song (IMP) with Best in Show: CH.Thuja All In The Game (IMP)

Best Dog :  CH.Thuja All In The Game (IMP)

Res Best Dog : Agha Djari's U Got The Look (IMP)

Best Dog Puppy :Mhasud Unforgetable

Best Bitch : Thuja Annies Song (IMP)

Res Best Bitch  : Jimellree Molly Maguire At Pahlevi

Best Bitch Puppy: Zandahar Treacle Tart

Best In Show : CH.Thuja All In The Game (IMP)

Res Best In Show:  Thuja Annies Song (IMP)

Best Puppy In Show: Mhasud Unforgetable

Best Veteran : Altside Tiger Potion At Turabaz

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Open Show, February 24th 2008, Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester

Judges: Dogs - Norma Hitch, Bitches - Mike Wilson, Referee - Karen Rice

Best Bitch & Res. Best Bitch

Best Bitch Puppy

Best Dog Puppy

Best Dog & Res. Best Dog