Birmingham Afghan Hound Club

A Member of the Afghan Hound Breed Council

Best Puppy - Mesdames Hitch and Pond-Bakers ‘Spring-Heeled Jack  at Zundushkas’  Best Puppy Bitch - Andrew’s ‘Jahera Nayyirah Andizhan’

Class Results

Minor Puppy Dog

1 Spring-Heeled Jack At Zendushkas

2 Arushkhan Lord Of The Ring

3 Renza Just Call Me Red

Puppy Dog

1 Metewand Cabango

2 Oshanamehs Believe I’m Real

3 Alberjac Fire Dancer Prancer

Veteran Dog

1 Gezancol Man In The Mirror At Kharak

2 Khorensu Foreign Affair

Junior Dog

1 Black Pepper From Karnak

2 Shadowfax Stepnoi Veter

3 Jodak Top Hat’N’Tail For Bichoux

Special Yearling Dog

1 Tulak Rogue Trader At Wilbus JW

2 Harlextan Makes Majic

3 Shadowfax Stepnoi Veter

Maiden Dog

1 Sulahmara Al-Khayyami

2 Gemgwynad Gotta Lead The Way

3 Oshanamehs Believe I’m Real

Novice Dog

1 Sulahmara Al-Khayyami

2 Gemgwynad Gotta Lead The Way

3 Gilari That’ll Be The Day At Bukhara

Graduate Dog

1 Harlextan Majic Mystik

2 Calamayor Barathea

3 Nagazumi Teroldego

Post Graduate Dog

1 Khardains Night Caller

2 Drishaun D’Lucien

3 Bondor Twelth Night

Mid Limit Dog

1 Sashkan Goldesire

2 Sashkan Gold-Dust At Zadal JW

3 Karianca Daktari At Montravia

Limit Dog

1 Alphaville’s The Pathfinder To Drishaun

2 Cloudside Striped’N’Iced

3 Zareesh Acamar At Zadal

Open Dog

1 Mandinah Days Of Thunder At Amudarya

2 CH Meredith Biarritz At Miamarna

3 Ch Drishaun That’ll Do Icely JW

Minor Puppy Bitch

1 Arushkhan She’s No Angel At Cadmore

2 Renza Blonde In Red Silk By Drishaun

3 Renza Addicted To Red

Puppy Bitch

1 Jahers Nayyirah Andizhan

2 Arushkhan She’s No Angel At Cadmore

3 Sochera’s The Enchantment At Sanchera

Veteran Bitch

1 Tokando Peaceful Feeling At Ellistine

2 Zamora Beauty

3 Metewand Shannona

Junior Bitch

1 Gardwright Prima Donna Of Khonistan

2 Cloudside Livin It Up

3 Althea Rose From Brandeswood

Special Yearling Bitch

1 Nagazumi Dolcetto Kharisar JW

2 Tulak Risky Business At Wilbus JW

3 Arushkhan She’s The Bees-Nees At Cadmore JW

Maiden Bitch

1 Arushkhan She’s No Angel At Cadmore

2 Sochera’s The Enchantment At Sanchera

3 Renza Paint The Town Red

Novice Bitch

1 Arushkhan She’s No Angel At Cadmore

2 Sulahmara Nadirah

3 Cloudside Lookin Good At Belamba

Graduate Bitch

1 Calamayor Organza At Firos JW

2 Sanstas Juicy Lucy

3 Araki Hairy Mary

Post Graduate Bitch

1 Shenshah Top Totty

2 Tico Trust Me With Sharhazlah

3 Alouann Sweetness ‘N’ Light

Mid Limit Bitch

1 Jhansi Moroccan Spice

2 Shenshah Never Say Never

3 Nanak Freecloud Firenze

Limit Bitch

1 Alouann Coffee ‘n’ Cream

2 Alsharma Brief Encounter At Shibarghan JW

3 Sanstas Sneak Preview

Open Bitch

1 Arushkhan Thunder Storm From Bellapais

2 Valkor Xclusive

3 Kazaba Habba Rhani

Dog CC Winner - Mrs.A.Patons ‘Mandinah Days of Thunder at Amudarya’ (left),  Res CC - Mesdames Gill and Marshall’s ‘Ch.Meredith Bjarritz at Miamarna’ (right)

Judges: Clive Winters - Dogs, Gail Link - Bitches, Referee - Les Husband

17th Championship Show, November 17th 2002 Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester